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About Higher Grounds

Higher Grounds is a non-profit cafe nestled in the heart of Morinville, Alberta. 

This charming establishment stands out with its warm and inviting atmosphere, where locals and visitors gather to savour delicious, home-style meals and indulge in specialty coffees. With a commitment to community engagement and social impact, Higher Grounds is more than just a cafe; it’s a haven for connection and positive change.

Giving Back To The Community

What sets Higher Grounds apart is its non-profit nature. The cafe operates with a mission to give back to the community by supporting various social causes. A portion of the proceeds generated from the cafe’s sales is reinvested into local initiatives, such as youth programs, food banks, and community development projects. Customers can take pride in knowing that every purchase they make at Higher Grounds contributes to the betterment of Morinville and its residents.

Our giving tree (shown in the picture to the left) is a prime example of how the community has embraced the generous nature of Higher Grounds. Every leaf on the giving tree is a donated meal or drink to be given to those in need in our community.

Join Us In Serving

Volunteering at Higher Grounds Cafe is a wonderful opportunity. Here, you’ll step into a vibrant community hub where you can make a real difference while being part of a passionate team. As a volunteer, you’ll immerse yourself in a warm and inviting atmosphere, serving up delicious home-style meals and specialty coffees, all while contributing to local social causes. Whether you’re brewing a perfect cup of coffee or organizing engaging community events, every moment at Higher Grounds is a chance to leave a positive mark on Morinville.

Join us, and be a part of something truly special – where your time and effort translate into meaningful change and a heartwarming sense of belonging.

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